The Pistol Ranges

Handgun enthusiasts don’t need to be limited to static shooting lanes. Top Gun Sportsman's Club features two ranges, designated specifically for pistol calibers. These ranges offer a variety of both traditional paper as well as reactive steel targets. Steel targets include dueling trees, plate racks, pepper poppers and a Texas star.

Tactical Pistol Range

Developing tactical and concealed carry live fire skills with a pistol requires a range that allows holster use, as well as the option to move and shoot at a variety of targets. Our Tactical Pistol Range offers the flexibility our members need to build and maintain skills in a dynamic shooting scenario.

Static Pistol Range

Fine-tune your handgun skills with precision or bullseye drills on our Static Pistol Range. Feel the satisfaction of decreasing your group size on a paper target, or shoot for the immediate and gratifying “ping” of lead on steel.